Monday, December 21, 2009

RANTAI event 2009 .

thanks to RANTAI cus give us chance to introduce our product at thier event : )
that was AWESOME!!
-we dont have a banner,
-we dont have bussines card
-we dont have any good packaging

then we have
but we do it all as 'd.i.y' !! so happy :) thanks friends!!
syuhadazulkifli,nurfarhan,amirkhairi,nurulhazirah'affan and wani .

first day :

crew :)
the customer :)

2nd day :

famly support :)
tshirt rm25 only :) design by syuhadazulkifli
the singer :)
liyana fizi (lead singer of ESTRELLA )

3rd day :

she use creativeclay product ,(earing )
the booth :)

the end . thanks a lot for support us :D


  1. Love the three days that we've spend together at RANtai.

    Titik bertindih, tutup kurungan.

  2. titik bertindih,tutup kurungan 2x
    thanx jua

  3. ada tapi bukan cutting girl la . free size. mahu ?

  4. I miss these momentttttttttttttts.