Wednesday, December 23, 2009

hello and gud morning fellas!!
for this entry i want to say thanks to mUnira suLaiman.( one of creativeclay customer) ,
because give us a very long!! .and good suggestion haha .
i was so excited when i read it :)
heheh .. yes yes.we happy to receive that ,
yup we will do what you have been suggest .
but maybe it need time. because creativeclay was so young .
anyway thanks again .

p/s: hey guys keep on sending suggestion
for make our product looks better than before :)


  1. hahaha :D thank you la for the credits tapi ta perlu nama disebut. keseganan yang teramat sangat. btw, lupa nk gurls are doing a good job juge & hopefully korunk continue lah sampai you start working one day. ne tau your an engineer but you have your own online business ;) the extra $$$,kan?

    ah yes, i lupa nak mention in the previous email.for the big earings tu..the designs simple2 pun okay & maybe pakai 1/2colours je.when you have planned on selling them, lemme know lah k.i may have a few friends yang maybe interested to buy lah :) good luck again & happy new year, gurls! *winks*

    wassalam. -m

  2. btw, something i mentioned earlier pasal low cost diy packaging.refer to this site(my ex classmates punye art biz juge)= :)
    prasan tak background product dia sumer sama?smart siyh.hee goodluck pula yg excited jadinya! *grins*